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The Bike Shed

NEW in 2023!!! We have replaced 95% of all of our loaner equipment with Brand New Mongoose Title Bikes and Helmets! If you have used your free one day membership and have purchased Your Full Membership, your membership will include a 14 day Free Rental Period. This will include but is not limited to bike and helmet rentals.
This will allow riders to find a size bike they are comfortable with and allows time for Riders or Guardians  to do their research for the best purchase options. (Free Rental Period is based on availability.)  Ask Us About The Mongoose Title Bike and how to purchase one! 

Track Rental

You can now rent the track for Birthday Parties, Practices, Corporate Team Building exercises, or just to have a fun day of BMX riding with just your group.

ALL YOU NEED is a LONG SLEEVE SHIRT, LONG PANTS, FULL-FACE HELMET, and CLOSED TOE SHOES. You may use any kind of bike that you wish. All Reflectors, Chain Guards, Kickstand and Freestyle Pegs MUST BE REMOVED. The bike must be in a safe working condition. We also have The Bike Shop at the track that has loaner Bikes, Helmets, and some Gear. You can use this service for FREE.


All riders will have to fill out a FREE one day membership or have a current USABMX membership.

Use of the gate may be available at the discretion of the Track Operator and will depend on the experience of the riders. 
Birthday Child receives A First State BMX Trophy. 


The cost for renting the track is $250.00 for 3 hours

**** We ask that your guests understand the rules of borrowing the loaner equipment.  ABSOLUTELY NO SKIDDING on the tires unless you are on the track and you need to stop quickly to avoid another rider to keep yourself safe. No Skidding to stop as a means to slow down. The tires on a race bike are VERY thin, Skidding on tires results in flat spots and flat tires, when this happens the bike becomes unusable until we buy new tires.  We will ask your guests to turn the bike back in if we find it happening.
**** Bikes should be turned upside down on handlebars when they are not being used. 

**** Helmets MUST BE Tightly strapped when on the bike!!!!!
**** Riders make sure they are always going the correct direction on the track! 

Please contact us for any questions or to check the schedule for availability. You can reach us at the track, 302-422-4133, by e-mail at, or message us on Facebook

Track can not be Rented for personal gain or profit.
We are a Non Profit Organization. All Profit we make goes directly into improving First State BMX and our community.
We will NOT rent the track to you to make money on. No Exceptions.

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