First Day

All new riders will receive a FREE FIRST DAY to try out the Olympic Sport of BMX racing. Come out and try - it's for the young and old. We have riders from under 3 years old to 50+ riding. It's great exercise, and a fantastic family environment. Even if you don't want to ride, come out and watch some exciting racing, for FREE.


To take advantage of this first free day just head over to and fill out the form. Once you've done that you're all set! NOTE: Free first day riders must arrive before 6:15. This is due to the extra time it takes to get a rider set up for their first day.

You will need a membership after your FREE FIRST DAY.
USABMX Membership is $60.00 a year, 2nd Family Member $55.00, Each Additional Family Member is $50.00, Strider Membership is $35.00. Riders race in classes which are determined by age, gender, proficiency (skill level), and wheel size.

What the rider needs

ALL YOU NEED is a LONG SLEEVE SHIRT, LONG PANTS, FULL-FACE HELMET, and CLOSED TOE SHOES. You may use any kind of bike that you wish. All Reflectors, Chain Guards, Kickstand and Freestyle Pegs MUST BE REMOVED. The bike must be in safe working condition.


We have The Bike Shop at the track that has loaner bikes, helmets, and some gear. Once you become a member, you can use this service FREE for 30 days. Remember your FREE FIRST DAY, so even if you don't have anything BMX, you can still be able to try out the Olympic Sport of BMX.

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