USABMX Coaching Program


USABMX and First State BMX coaching program is for all riders that want to advance their riding abilities. A rider may take just one clinic (to learn a skill they are having trouble with) or they can take them all (helping develop all their skills).

See CALENDAR for dates.

We recomend using FLAT PEDALS to learn proper bike control, please use them.

See contact options at bottom of the page to sign up for clinics or see someone at Registration/Bikeshop

All clinics are by APPOINTMENT ONLY

Introduction to BMX
(1 & 2)

All new riders will have to complete (2) Introduction to BMX clinics before being allowed to race. The clinics are absolutely FREE. This will make sure riders know their way around their bike and the track during race days. We will cover basic topics about the track, the bike, the rider, and track procedures.


That's just what it's about, JUMPS. You will not only learn the aspect of leaving the ground, but the hill itself. This clinic will be of great help on race day. AND IT'S FUN!!!!


Riders will learn Manualing is a form of pumping, how it is one of the most basic methods to attack jumps, and we will give riders pointers on what they can focus on to continue bettering their Manualing. This skill will help you to be even more competitive at your next race.


In this clinic, riders will learn how Pumping is the foundation for all the other skills in BMX. We will cover how to increase track speed without the use of pedaling and how to stay smooth over jumps and through rhythms.


This is about being prepared Three energy systems, how they relate to BMX, and how to practice to utilize them.


Pack Skills prepare a rider to have stability and confidence around other racers. This is Heads Up riding. Riders will learn to hold a line through the turn in a pack of riders.


In this clinic we will discuss Speed, Awareness, and Aggressiveness. We will go over maneuverability and study different lines in and out of the turns.


These are skills for riders to use when they are away from the track. In this lesson we will teach riders about exercises, sprints, and nutrition that will help them to succeed at BMX.


The start is one of the most important parts of the race. We will break down the basics by over viewing the proper form, execution, and follow through of Gate Starts.


1 & 2 Intro to BMX = FREE for first 90 days of membership.

Any Single Clinic = $5.00


See CALENDAR for dates or visit First State BMX Clinics on Facebook


Brent Webb and Lisa Webb

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